Which course will familiarise me with different skin types and conditions so I can recommend skincare/treatments to my patients?2020-03-06T16:29:26+11:00

Our Fundamentals of Skin Science would be best suited to your requirements, along with our Skin Care & Skin Therapy Course.

I would like to further my knowledge in the skin. Which courses would you recommend?2020-03-06T16:33:59+11:00

We would recommend the Fundamentals of Skin Science to start you off. Once completed you can participate in some of the other courses we have available. See our skin pathway here.

Is there a course especially for assessing and identifying different types of skin lesions and scars?2020-03-06T16:35:11+11:00

Yes, our Skin Lesion Identification and Cosmetic Dermatology courses will provide you with knowledge in skin lesions and more. We will also be providing an Acne Scarring Module soon which would be very beneficial.

Do you offer training for PRP injections for injuries and joints?2020-03-06T16:36:04+11:00

Unfortunately, we do not teach PRP for joints and injuries. Our PRP courses are primarily for cosmetic use but the preparation is the same.

Does your PRP workshop provide blood collection training?2020-03-06T16:49:40+11:00

ASI does not provide training for blood collection. You must gain this qualification/training elsewhere.

Which course would you recommend for someone wanting to advance their career in performing skin lasers?2020-03-06T16:50:41+11:00

We recommend participants to complete the Fundamentals of Skin Science Course along with the Laser Safety: Understanding Medical Lasers & IPL courses.

What is the difference between the Accredited and Non-Accredited “Laser Safety- Understanding Medical Lasers and IPL courses?2020-04-27T01:56:33+10:00

The accredited course includes the online course along with an additional four hours of face to face training. The accreditation is only available for Victoria, Australia at the moment.

Which areas do you cover in your Dermal Filler Courses?2020-03-06T16:54:57+11:00

Our courses begin with treating the Lips & Cheeks. Once you have completed these areas and are familiar in them, you may participate in our more advanced and intermediate courses which cover other areas of the face. See our injectables pathway here.

Do you provide training on injecting with a cannula?2020-03-06T16:56:39+11:00

Our Foundation of Dermal Filler Course includes a component on injecting with the use of cannulas.

I am currently studying to become an Enrolled Nurse. Am I able to attend any of your injectable or skin courses?2020-03-06T16:57:48+11:00

In order to participate in our Neurotoxin and Dermal Filler Courses you must hold the qualification to be able to inject. You may participate in our skin courses at any time.

I am a Clinical Nurse wanting to advance my career as a Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner. Which courses would you recommend for me?2020-03-06T16:58:57+11:00

There are many different pathways and options you can take. This depends on if you intend to inject or want to focus on treating just the skin, or both. Your first step would be to determine which pathway you wish to take and then we can guide you into the appropriate pathway.

I have no experience but would like a career change. Am I able to participate in any courses?2020-03-06T17:00:06+11:00

Yes, we suggest our Fundamentals of Skin Science to start you off and broaden your knowledge.

Do you teach PRP Scalp for hair regrowth or just for the skin?2020-03-06T17:01:23+11:00

Yes, we provide PRP training for both scalp and skin treatments

I am a practicing GP. Which courses would you recommend me to participate in?2020-04-27T02:09:56+10:00

This would depend on which pathway you wish to take. For injectables we recommend to start off with our Foundation Neurotoxin & Dermal Filler Courses. If your interest was more in the skin, we would recommend our Fundamentals of Skin Science, Cosmetic Dermatology and our skin laser courses. You can see our course pathways here.

Can you provide models for your courses or are participants required to bring their own for hands on sessions?2020-03-06T17:03:58+11:00

Participants are required to bring their own models. This ensures that you can follow up with your patient post treatment. If you are unable to find a model, please contact us.

Do you run workshops in other states?2020-04-27T02:12:29+10:00

Currently, our hands-on workshops are only available in Melbourne, Australia. We also work with reputable education institutes worldwide such as MAHSA University (Malaysia) and DIAS (India) to provide practical training as part of their curriculum.  If you would like to discuss the possibility of running certain workshops in your country, please contact us.

Scope Of Practice

Who is eligible to participate in your PRP Workshops?2020-03-06T17:08:14+11:00

Currently we are only accepting doctors, nurses and dentists into our PRP Workshops.

I am a Cosmetic Nurse practicing in New Zealand. I have both AHPRA and Nursing Council registrations. Am I able to participate in any of your course?2020-03-06T17:14:43+11:00


What are the legalities for nurses performing injectables or mono-thread procedures. Can we perform these treatments independently?2020-03-06T17:15:39+11:00

All injectable and threads treatments performed by a nurse must be performed under supervision of a doctor. This a strict requirement by AHPRA.

Can Endorsed Enrolled Nurses participate in your Dermal Fillers Course?2020-03-06T17:17:48+11:00

Yes, as long as you have qualifications to inject.

How much hands-on training is provided during your workshops?2020-04-27T02:13:43+10:00

Provided you have the appropriate insurance coverage, during our workshop you will be able to perform a whole procedure on your model under careful supervision. Upon course completion we will continue to provide you with mentoring to ensure you are confident.

Which brands do you recommend and use for your Neurotoxin and Dermal Filler courses?2020-03-06T17:19:58+11:00

We don’t endorse any brand. During the courses we will advise you on what is available on the market.

Membership and Certificates

Do you provide discounts if a student participates in multiple courses?2020-03-06T17:23:42+11:00

Yes, we also provide bundles making it more cost effective for students

Do your courses count towards my annual registration CPD requirements?2020-04-27T02:15:00+10:00

You may apply for CPD points with some of our courses as part of your self-directed learning component. Many participants in the past have successfully done so. Please contact us if you need more information on which courses are CPD compliant.

Do you offer certificates at the end of your course?2020-03-06T17:25:59+11:00

Yes, you will receive your certificate of attendance or completion upon successfully completing your online course/workshop.

Do you provide mentoring following completion of a course?2020-03-06T17:27:04+11:00

Yes, we offer continued mentoring to all our participants to ensure you are confident in your new skill set.

Do you have payment plans available for your courses?2020-03-06T17:27:50+11:00


Choosing ASI

Why should I choose an ASI Course over another?2020-03-06T17:28:58+11:00

ASI offers the most comprehensive and extensive training available covering all the four pillars of aesthetics medicine and other highly specialised treatments. All our educators are leaders within the industry with years of experience and work within the field on a daily basis ensuring they provide you with the most up to date and professional training available. Unlike other training institutes, ASI provides course participants with continued mentoring and supervised treatments upon course completion so that all our students are confident and competent in performing treatments and procedures within their fields.

How do you choose your trainers?2020-03-06T17:29:45+11:00

All our chosen trainers are vetted by our educators and are leaders within the industry. They all have ample experience and are currently working in the field they are providing students training for.

Will ASI participants be confident enough to perform treatments right away after completing their course?2020-04-27T02:16:35+10:00

Our modules require prerequisite knowledge to ensure students are prepared before attending a certain level of training. During our workshops participants will have hands on opportunity with assistance and supervision from our trainers. Continued mentoring and evaluation is also offered upon course completion. At ASI, we do our best to ensure you are confident enough to practice that same skill set independently after the course. However, it is up to the practitioner’s own discretion to determine their competency to practice, with proper insurance coverage.

Do you provide mentoring following completion of a course?2020-03-06T17:31:14+11:00

Yes, we offer continued mentoring to all our participants to ensure you are confident in your new cosmetic skill set. This sets us apart from other institutes.