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Cosmetic Injector Courses in Melbourne

The Aesthetics and Skin Institute (ASI) is a global cosmetic medical training organisation based in Australia. Our mission is to empower your success with aesthetic training, whether you are a doctor, nurse, dentist, or skin therapist. We offer both online cosmetic courses and hands-on workshops to help you succeed in injectables, threads, lasers, microneedling, and much more.

Formerly known as the Cosmetic Institute of Australia, ASI was relaunched in 2020 and now carries the Anatomy for Injectors resource under its belt of world-class aesthetics training courses.

ASI offers a variety of practical aesthetics training workshops that cover aesthetics procedures in Australia and around the world. Our professional hands-on cosmetic medical training is carried out by industry leaders who are highly successful practitioners in their own right. These cosmetic courses combine vital theoretical knowledge with practical hands-on work, ensuring students quickly achieve confident through our cosmetic courses.

Each workshop comes with ongoing mentoring and support after completion, as well as lifetime access to relevant online courses that are regularly updated. Our cosmetic courses include foundation, intermediate and advanced levels. Whether you’re looking to break into the industry or upgrade your existing skill set, our goal is to ensure the cosmetic practitioners we train have the best professional development available.

Learn With ASI

The Aesthetics and Skin Institute (ASI) is a global training organisation based in Australia. Our mission is to empower your success in aesthetics, whether you are a doctor, nurse or skin therapist. We offer both online courses and hands-on workshops to help you succeed in injectables, threads, lasers, microneedling and much more.


ASI is CPD Institute accredited, and selected cosmetic courses are ACCRM accredited

Training content based on anatomy and used by educators worldwide

Mentorship and support available with every course to build confidence and competency

Lifetime access to online cosmetic courses that are continually updated

Modules covering all aspects of aesthetics and skin practice from beginners to advanced, right up to cadaver workshop

Workshops carried out in clinical rooms (not hotels) according to local health and safety regulations

Cosmetic Injector Courses in Melbourne

Courses for Nurses

ASI offers a first-rate cosmetic nurse course in Melbourne that allows students to advance their skills. Our cosmetic injector training for nurses teaches you more than how to perform a procedure; we empower you to deliver confident treatments for your patients.

Courses for Doctors

ASI offers many useful cosmetic injectable courses and cosmetic dermatology courses for doctors who want to diversify the types of procedures they can offer their patients or who are looking to open their own practice. Doctors can participate in our laser, threads and cosmetic injectable courses, including laser hair removal courses, dermal filler training, neurotoxin workshops, monothread workshops and long thread workshops.

Courses for Dentists

ASI offers online cosmetic injector courses for dentists. Dentists who enrol in one of our courses can increase their skill set and take their career to the next level. These courses include dermal filler training and anti-wrinkle injection training.

Courses for Therapists

ASI offers foundation, intermediate and advanced therapist courses. These courses allow therapists to expand their skill set by learning new skin procedures and techniques.

Enrol in Our Cosmetic Medical Training Today

ASI offers a wide range of cosmetic courses in Melbourne and Australia. Students can advance their skills by enrolling in cosmetic injector training and other cosmetic training courses. Contact us today by calling 0401 110 065, or send us an online enquiry for more information.

Receive a complimentary Aesthetics Learning Resource Pack which includes:

  • Filler Emergency Protocol
  • Clinical Photography Standards
  • Machine Buying Guide

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Professional Recommendations by International ASI Students

I attended the cadaver workshop in October 2019 in KL. To me, the most important was hands on dissecting with the specific focus of reviewing the anatomical structures relevant to injecting, not only another anatomy lesson with no focus. Small groups are essential but guidance by experienced anatomists and Dr Chan, an experienced injector was vital in getting a better idea of what we should be doing as cosmetic injectors. It made me feel a lot more confident how to inject safely. Should be a must do before we start injecting!

Dr Lucas De Siqueira, Aesthetic Doctor in Australia
I particularly enjoyed the Fundementals of Skin Science course.
This course went beyond meeting my expectations in terms of clarity & granularity.
As a therapist, I found the course to be a great refresher also a tool to evolve with time and keeping my knowledge up to date.
Jessica Zarnay

My experience at CIAO was beneficial. I am thankful for CIAO that I have learned many things.


The module is really comprehensive, advance and very informative, very beneficial for Skin Therapist or Beauty Therapist who wants further study and will be focussing on cosmetic clinic/ medical clinic/ laser.

Jane Lim
I have been working as a cosmetic nurse for nearly 5 years. Sometimes I find it is rather difficult to get reliable, up-to-date and informative resources to refresh and study on.
Luckily, I was introduced Aesthetics and Skin Institute. I have done two sessions with the institute, and I was able to pick up quite a lot through both sessions. I’m on my third one at the moment and I’m very certain that I will keep studying more topics that I’m interested in.
Let alone the content, the system is very straightforward and easy to use. There’s several self tests in each session, which is a great way to test yourself with the understanding about what you just learned. And you will also get a certificate after finishing each session. Great for accumulating CPD points.
I would highly recommend Aesthetics and Skin Institute to anyone who works in the related industry.

I have completed the course Fundamentals of Skin Science. It is a course that includes all basic and yet, essential and to the point information about skin structures, skin types and conditions, etc. It refreshed my knowledge of skin and really helpful for my work as a beauty therapist.


I have been in the industry as a skin and laser therapist for many years and took the fundamentals of skin science course. It has enabled me to refresh my knowledge as it is very informative and detailed. It has helped me gain more confidence when conducting skin consultations with my patients and covers a variety of aspects on the skin, it’s conditions and treatments that are suitable for common skin concerns we come across as skin therapists.


The anatomy information given was excellent! I feel that over the duration of the course I gained a lot of knowledge and practical strategies that will be beneficial to me. I’ve really enjoyed my time at Aesthetics and Skin Institute so far and the online learning materials here greatly exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend ASI to anyone who is looking to advance or refresh their career as all of the courses that I have taken have been extremely valuable and helpful.


I like the courses that I have taken with Aesthetics and Skin Institute. The courses are well organized and quite informative. They provide me with detailed information that I have not had with other courses before. I would highly recommend ASI courses to my colleagues and friends.


I have completed the Foundation Dermal Filler course, which includes systemic anatomy knowledge, injection techniques and so on. It is very useful as the course demonstrates how to avoid and reduce injection risks and much more that is required when performing injectable treatments. As a nurse injector, I am feel more confident when performing injectable treatments after participating in this course.


Receive a complimentary Aesthetics Learning Resource Pack which includes:

  • Filler Emergency Protocol
  • Clinical Photography Standards
  • Machine Buying Guide

   By submitting your email you agree to our terms and conditions.